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I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR), working in multi-agent reinforcement learning. In particular, I am currently exploring the problem space of multi-agent communication for embodied agents.

I completed my PhD in Computer Science in the School of Interactive Computing at 熊猫加速器手机破解版-熊猫手游加速器app下载 3.0.0 最新安 ...:2021-11-28 · 熊猫手游加速器app是一款专注于为国内手游玩家提供优质加速服务的手机应用。这里新云安卓网提供的是破解免费版本的下载,全面解决互联网延迟,让每一位玩家畅享优质联机体验。熊猫加速器手机破解版使用IKE智能云端加速,针对各平台优化,多线路多节点支持,高效解决游戏时遇到的网络延迟 ..., where I was advised Dr. Sonia Chernova, director of the Robot Autonomy and Interactive Learning Lab.  My thesis research lied in the space of Interactive Robot Learning. It investigated the problem of enabling an interactive robotic agent with an intelligent policy for reasoning about what queries to make and when to query, given the goal of learning new concepts from a human teacher. Part of what the made the problem particularly interesting and challenging is the work assumed the setting of a non-stationary environment, where external time and resource constraints were being imposed on the agent. The learning scenario was inspired by more realistic human settings. 

My broader research interests span the space of autonomous reasoning and decision-making for artificial agents.  In particular, my work has largely focused on enabling agents to autonomously reason about how to learn from other agents (human or artificial), trading off internal objectives with externally imposed constraints.  As my research career evolves, I am very interested in exploring frameworks for cognition and reasoning in a more diverse set of AI problem domains.


July 2024: I gave an Invited Talk at the 逃离塔科夫锁区 延迟高被踢出怎么办?就用熊猫加速器:今天 · 这个时候熊猫加速器该上场了!显示真实延迟助您畅玩游戏! 1.登录熊猫加速器加速逃离塔科夫,选择全服(自动); 2.取消自动选择,选择路由模式1/2/3; 3.进入游戏可看到真实游戏延迟,再根据您的个人喜好选择服 …. The topic was my thesis work on 熊猫网游加速器最新版下载_熊猫网游加速器绿色版_熊猫 ...:2021-2-26 · 华军软件园网络加速频道,为您提供熊猫网游加速器最新版下载、熊猫网游加速器绿色版等网络加速软件下载。更多熊猫网游加速器4.1.8.0官方版历史版本,请到华军软件园! [panda加速器官网]

July 2024: I gave the Facebook Sponsor Talk at the ICML Women in Machine Learning (WiML) workshop. The topic was my newest work on Learning to Communicate Nonverbally for Embodied Agent Populations. [video] ==> more in-depth version of spotlight talk below (given at RSS)

June 2024: Our extended abstract on Emerging Nonverbal Communication Protocols was accepted into the RSS Workshop on Emergent Behaviors in Human-Robot Systems. [弹壳加速器app]

December 2024: I got hooded at the GT doctoral graduation ceremony. I am officially a Doctor of Philosophy.

May 2024: I returned to GT and successfully defended my 熊猫加速器安卓官网! Entitled: Managing Learning Interactions for Collaborative Robot Learning [defense talk]

May 2024: Our paper on Active Learning within Constrained Environments got accepted into IJCAI 2024.

April 2024: I started as a postdoc at Facebook AI Research, in Pittsburgh.

February 2024: I was hosted as a guest on the GT School of Interactive Computing Interaction Hour Podcast series, with Professor and Chair Ayanna Howard.

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